Help Needed for Too-Short Sock

So I've got a bit of a sock dilemma. I made the leg of the first Lord Varys sock too short. The most likely reason is that I was sick of checking the pattern chart each round and wanted to get to the heel -- my favorite part of any sock. Don't misunderstand: I'm pleased … Continue reading Help Needed for Too-Short Sock

Lessons Learned on Re-Sizing a Sweater

finished stranded knit sweater in gift box

There are lots of online tips for making a too-big sweater smaller. But as I discovered when I had the opposite problem -- a too-small sweater that needed enlarging -- there wasn't a lot of help. With a fair bit of in-person, online, and book research, I was able to figure out how to make … Continue reading Lessons Learned on Re-Sizing a Sweater

Making a Too-Small Sweater Bigger

As I've mentioned previously, the sweater that I knit for Michael is finished but not done. What I really mean is, it's too small. This may have something to do with his increase in size from when I started the sweater. At the beginning of the¬†year, he was on the high school wrestling team and … Continue reading Making a Too-Small Sweater Bigger

Throw Me a Lifeline (or Two)

Knitters won't be surprised to learn that the definition of "lifeline" in most dictionaries, paper and digital, does not include this handy technique that has saved the life of many a knitter. FIguratively, not literally, of course. But learning how to use a lifeline can enable you to finish a project, thereby "saving the life" … Continue reading Throw Me a Lifeline (or Two)

A Different Kind of Lifeline

When we last were together, I was nearing the finish of Claire's first sock. Although I love this anonymous yarn, I wasn't thrilled with how it looked with the mini-cables of the gentle waves. But I was determined to finish. And I did, but the result was a sock that looked nice but didn't fit, … Continue reading A Different Kind of Lifeline