Socks Received

text message: They're so soft!!! Thank you momma - heart emoji

Kevin's first final exam of his senior year is later today -- fluid dynamics (or is it dynamic fluids?!) So I was relieved to learn that the good-luck socks I mailed earlier this week had arrived -- and more importantly, that he was glad to have received them. I know, as my wise sister-in-law would … Continue reading Socks Received


Last week, while Mom and I hung out together and did our best to find refuge from the heat wave, Patrick took a quick trip to Cape Cod for a reunion with some of his cousins. He was pleasantly surprised to encounter nearly no traffic slow-downs on the nearly two-hour trip. Everyone who was heading … Continue reading Treasures

Nothing like finishing

Each Friday, I spend 90 minutes with 7 or 8 fourth grade girls at a nearby after-school program. I'm there to teach knitting, but mostly I just try to keep up with their questions, energy, anxieties, and aspirations. "Help! I messed up! Oh wait, never mind." "I want to knit slippers. How many stitches should … Continue reading Nothing like finishing

Love on the Street

I don't usually take my phone when I run in the morning. I don't want to be connected or reachable. But recently I've been walking, instead of running, in an attempt to let an injury heal and have started listening to some of my favorite podcasts. Since my phone is also a camera, I sometimes … Continue reading Love on the Street

The Best Container for Love

"Knitting is still the best container for love" -- Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka the Yarn Harlot I can't remember what I used to give as baby gifts before knitting. As soon as I learn that a friend, colleague, neighbor, or family member is expecting, I immediately begin to think of what I can knit for the … Continue reading The Best Container for Love