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Afghan Reunion

May 25, 2017

It must have been a change in the Knitting Force. That’s the only explanation for why Barbara awoke last week and thought, “What ever happened to my mother’s afghan that I dropped off before Thanksgiving with Mary Ann to mend?”

I’m convinced that my recent plea to you, dear reader, and to folks on Twitter and Facebook for help in finding the owner of this beautiful heirloom somehow generated enough good vibes to jog Barbara’s memory.

Into my email popped her message: “it’s so funny – I just woke up the other day and realized we never followed through with my mother’s afghan.” Very generous of her to say “we never followed through” when it was me who lost her contact information and was therefore unable to find her.

Afghan and Barbara were reunited yesterday afternoon (along with son Kevin). She’s delighted because her sister will soon have this treasured handknit, made by their mother, who died last fall. It fills my heart to know that I played a tiny role in making that reunion possible.




Lovely Afghan Seeks Owner

May 15, 2017

OK, this is embarrassing, but I’ve got to ask: Does this afghan look familiar?


This hefty, cozy afghan has been in my house since October for a while, and I can’t for the life of me remember who brought it to me. In response to one of my knitting class notices, a woman contacted me to ask if I could mend an afghan that her late mother had knit.

Sure I can fix it, I replied confidently. She delivered the afghan to my house. I told her that I’d have it mended in a few weeks. She went home. The afghan sat on a table for about a month before I mended the broken seams, wove in a dozen or so ends, and gave it a nice bath and blocking.

When I went to email the owner to let her know her heirloom treasure was fixed, I couldn’t find her contact information. Anywhere.

“Did you check everywhere in your email?” well-meaning friends have asked. “Of course, I did” I shout in frustration reply. I’ve searched and searched and searched. Nothing.

My only consolation — which really isn’t much — is that the afghan owner (Brenda? Barbara?) has lost my contact information, too.

So I’m swallowing my pride and asking for any and all help from knitters and non-knitters alike, here in Newton, Massachusetts, and around the globe. Please share this post and photo and help reunite this beautiful handknit with its family.

Here it is again (just in case you misplaced the first photo) ;-)


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