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Soft and Squishy

November 2, 2018
While my first crochet project, Shady Cowl, was blocking, it was time to cast on something new.
Sure, I’ve got one sock completed and the second not yet cast on, but socks don’t really count as projects in my book. (Do I even have a book?!) Thanks to a generous, thoughtful gift from one of my SILs, I had the impetus to visit Gather Here, an amazingly inspiring knitting and sewing shop with a social justice conscience that I’ve been following on Instagram for a few years. I can’t begin to describe the range of yarns, fabrics, helpful employees, and friendly patrons that I found. Plus, I was too busy fondling yarn and trying to decide what to buy to take a single photo. If you’re in the Boston area and looking for a yarn shop, head to Gather Here. I returned home with four lusciously soft skeins for two projects. This trio of Shibui merino and silk will become a pair (or maybe two) of color block fingerless mitts.
Almost as soon as I got home, my new squishy skein of Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend was on the winder. Like the Shibui, it’s a 70/30 merino/silk blend.  Before too long, it’ll be tucked away into my gift box — a Messy Bun Hat for someone special.
double lace rib knit pattern of messy bun hat
The photo doesn’t do justice to the soft champagne pink color of this yummy yarn. Because a couple of you asked, here’s a photo of Mom’s latest garter stitch scarf — in a rich green Malabrigo Rios — that I mentioned in my last post.
Every single day, I’m grateful that she still remembers how to knit.
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