Another Epic Rally

Turns out that Chris and Karen's overnight visit to Nantucket, followed by a 12-hour journey home to Northern Virginia, was just the first travel rally of our vacation. [Note: neither Patrick nor I participated in either rally. We're supporters only.] Months ago, Hannah and her squad of four NYC Sister-Friends had synced their work schedules … Continue reading Another Epic Rally

Hazy Summer Days & an Epic Rally

I'm not naive enough to believe that vacations are long, lazy days that stretch on forever, but I must admit that I thought I'd be able to write a blog post or two during our vacation week. I chalk up my failure to achieve that "goal" to my brain being in decompression mode combined with … Continue reading Hazy Summer Days & an Epic Rally

Island knitting

One of the benefits of being a freelancer is that I can work anywhere there's an Internet connection and phone service. I'm still developing the discipline to focus on work as needed and then shift to other priorities, like last week's anniversary trip to New Hampshire, time with family and friends, or this weekend's trip … Continue reading Island knitting

This Little Piggy

One of the joyous surprises of the summer has been reconnecting with my friend Vicky, who was two years behind me in college and part of my lifeline when my father died suddenly halfway through my senior year. She lives only a few miles away, but our lives haven't intersected over the years -- until … Continue reading This Little Piggy

Island Knitting

Nearly 30 years ago, my in-laws had the imagination, chutzpah, and foresight to buy an abandoned barn on nearly an acre of land on a lovely island off the coast of Massachusetts. Over the years, they added on rooms in a not quite random, but definitely quirky, fashion: bunk beds built into hallway walls, 4 … Continue reading Island Knitting

When in Doubt, Read the Pattern

My Mom is full of old sayings, many of which are prefaced by "As my mother would say...." One of her favorites is "when in doubt, read the directions." So true, so true. I figured out why Square 2 of the Albers cowl was turning out to be significantly bigger than Square 1. ┬áIt wasn't … Continue reading When in Doubt, Read the Pattern