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Here and There

July 30, 2019

My routine for the past year or so has been pretty, well, routine. Early morning exercise, a few hours of business — my consulting practice and/or household business — then off to Mom’s for the afternoon, and home again. Weekends are similar — more Mom time and usually less work time.

But over the past week, a couple of day trips have shaken things up a bit. First, Michael texted from New Hampshire where he’s an overnight camp counselor to say he had a day off and, if I had the time, he’d love to see his Mama. How could I turn down an invitation like that?!

The drive from Mom’s was a relatively easy two hours, so I was able to meet Michael and his buddy for a late dinner during which they shared stories of their campers, fellow counselors, and the challenges and rewards of being a counselor.

After a solid 12 hours of sleep, Michael had enough energy the next morning for breakfast at a nearby diner. Then we spent a couple of hours at a park, where he used my laptop to work through some “paperwork” for his upcoming college semester in Spain.

“Better late than never” was his mantra as he realized that some of the materials were due a month ago. Learning how to craft difficult emails is an important life skill as far as I’m concerned.

My heart was full as we said good bye. He’ll be back in mid August for about 72 hours before he leaves for four months in Spain.

Saturday morning found me and Mom heading to Maine for a visit to her dear friends Joe and Betty. As Mom’s dementia has progressed, she remembers fewer people, especially if they’re not present, but these friends of 65 years are like extensions of herself. Even when she can’t follow the conversation, her comfort level in their home is pretty high and her attentiveness to Joe, who’s not mobile and has significant cognitive declines himself, is touching.

The next morning, while a caregiver spent a few hours with Joe, “the girls” drove to a nearby ocean park and spent a lovely hour or so on a bench, chatting, enjoying the sea breeze, and watching birds, boats, waves, and beach-goers.

A talented knitter herself, Betty expressed her boredom with the charity hats she’s been knitting. I think I may have to introduce her to the wonders of sock knitting.

Back home on Sunday evening, Kevin, Patrick, and I watched the Red Sox after dinner, filling each other in our weekend’s activities, news, and observations.

I’ve started a new sock. Some routines don’t change!

Intro to Entrelac

June 10, 2017

Over the past couple of months, my knitting focus has been on the public art, yarn bomb project at a nearby lake. While great in length (about 23 feet/7 meters in total, I think), it wasn’t particularly interesting knitting. I didn’t have an idea for my next project, but I was looking forward to it — whatever it was!

By good fortune, I spent a couple of hours with a dear friend who asked for my help in rescuing her project, a cozy entrelac throw for a granddaughter who will be heading off to college in the fall. In advance of my “house call,” I watched a couple of entrelac videos and fell in love with the geometry and construction.

As soon as I got home from our wonderful visit — I ripped and tinked while Barbara wove in ends (entrelac has lots of ends) — I found the Woven Sky Throw pattern and ordered four skeins of Universal Yarn, two each of English Garden and Silver Blush.


I cast on pretty much immediately after the yarn arrived, just before Memorial Day Weekend. The ferry rides between Nantucket and the Cape provided perfect knitting time — accompanied by a tasty Whale’s Tail to start the summer off right. (Let’s not dwell on the cold, rainy start to summer that we’ve had here in Massachusetts, where it was 49F/9C for a couple of days last week.)


I took advantage of a dishwasher dilemma to knit a few rows. Thanks to a wonky latch, the dishwasher door wouldn’t stay closed, so I pulled up a chair and applied some foot pressure. Voila! Clean dishes and another tier of entrelac triangles.


Yes, I recognize that this did not actually fix the dishwasher dilemma, but I’m OK with the short term solution. Besides, there was no way I’d get an appliance repair person to make a house call on the holiday weekend. Maybe the house elves will repair it before we visit again….

What’s on your needles these days?



“I Wouldn’t Turn Down Socks, Mom”

January 17, 2016

With the completion of the green-gray Chromatic Cowl, I found myself in the unusual situation of not having a Work in Progress (WIP).

As I pulled out some patterns, knitting books, and bits of my yarn stash, I mentioned my dilemma — or opportunity — to Michael. He thought for a moment and, without really trying, came up with a solution.

“I wouldn’t turn down socks, Mom.”

The Yarn Harlot’s Good, Plain Sock Recipe in 3p, 1k ribbing. Cherry Tree Hill Yarn’s self-striping “Fingerpaints” in Java Jive colorway.

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