Understanding My Mother’s Prayer

Like many women of a certain age, I find myself repeating my mother's wisdom and sayings on a regular basis. A wise, strong, generous woman of deep faith, she often says that her prayer for me and my three brothers was not for our happiness or accomplishment. Rather she prayed, "May they have help when … Continue reading Understanding My Mother’s Prayer

Next year already

As a Boston Red Sox fan, "there's always next year" has been my defense mechanism fan philosophy for decades. Each spring, I relish the return of the MLB season. The game radio broadcast is the aural wallpaper of my home: the play-by-play commentary, the background sound of the crowd as voices rise, fall, and cheer, the pause … Continue reading Next year already

Christmas Presence

When Michael recently told me his favorite part of Christmas, I thought he said "presents," but he continued, explaining that he really likes the "presence" -- the smell, sounds, sights, anticipation, tastes, and as he put it, "the feeling you get from all of that and all the love." Out of the mouths of babes … Continue reading Christmas Presence

Sweet Girl

As a parent, you really can't choose which child you love the most. Don't get me wrong -- from day to day (or even moment to moment), I may have an especially warm spot in my heart for one or feel the sting of pain, frustration, or anger with another. I love my three for … Continue reading Sweet Girl

Double whammy birthday

Sometimes life has a way of putting everything into perspective.  Generally it's the small moments of grace and gratitude. And occasionally it's the full-force, dope-slap-to-the-head that you just can't miss.  The latter is what I experienced Friday afternoon, as I was at the library writing a blog post about my Michael on the occasion of … Continue reading Double whammy birthday

Boy Wonder

The longer I've been a mother, the more I side toward Nature in the whole nature-vs-nurture debate. My primary, completely unscientific data are my three children, each with a distinct temperament, each of which was pretty much discernible shortly after birth. Case in point: my dear Kevin, who turned 15 yesterday. It's a pleasure and … Continue reading Boy Wonder