The thrill of a yarn bomb

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love yarn bombs. These colorful, durable, public bursts of creativity never fail to make me smile. On my walk yesterday morning, I spotted a bright, stripe-y wrap around a home's lamp post. Was it there the last time I walked on that street? Maybe, maybe … Continue reading The thrill of a yarn bomb

Well, That Took a While

I must confess that I was a bit stunned to discover that it'd been nearly six whole months since I'd written about a little "stealth project," one that I thought I'd put together quickly on a whim. But there it sat in a bag, completed but not assembled, tormenting reminding me of its presence whenever … Continue reading Well, That Took a While

Spruce Up the Neighborhood

The yarnbombed sign pole on our corner has been looking kind of ragged after two years exposed to the New England elements. As I cut it down, the underside was revealed, showing how much the colors had faded. Compare the bright orange and its outward-facing pale version near the top of this photo. A few … Continue reading Spruce Up the Neighborhood

Yarn Bomb Redux

It'll come as no surprise to long-time readers that I'm a fan of yarn bombs -- or public fiber art (or is it fiber public art?). I don't post every one that I see. I mean, who has the time? But every once in a while, I'll find one that's post-worthy, like the gorgeous bike … Continue reading Yarn Bomb Redux

Spotted at the Miami Airport

I love when friends send me photos of yarn bombings or other public displays of knitting that they've seen on their travels, near or far. Kathe was passing through the Miami Airport earlier this month and came across Knitting as Poetry: Reflections on the Natural Environment in a corridor gallery. First, can we acknowledge how … Continue reading Spotted at the Miami Airport

Yarn Bomb in the Neighborhood

About a year ago, I decided that the street sign at the corner of our house was a good venue for a yarn bomb. Thanks to the city park across the street and our location near the town center, there's lots of foot traffic -- neighbors of all ages, dog walkers, commuters, soccer players and … Continue reading Yarn Bomb in the Neighborhood

Bike Rack Yarn Bomb

With all the rain we've been having this month, I'd been keeping my fingers crossed that nothing would be falling from the sky during my knitting girls' field trip to install their yarn bomb. Fortunately, the bike rack that we wrapped was in a shady spot since Mother Nature gifted us a hot (93F, 34C) sunny … Continue reading Bike Rack Yarn Bomb

Gearing Up for Yarn Bombing

You can imagine my delight when I learned that my city is organizing a yarn bombing as part of its annual, yearlong Festival of the Arts. Only they're not calling it yarn bombing because, well, bombing is frowned upon. With a much more PC tamer moniker, "Hooked On Newton" is a public art project, a … Continue reading Gearing Up for Yarn Bombing