Knitting Across Generations

I didn't hesitate when my friend Jen texted to ask if I could help her daughter finish a blanket she'd knitted. She was returning to college in a couple of days and wanted to mail it off to a friend who could use some TLC from a long-distance buddy. While I didn't know what pattern … Continue reading Knitting Across Generations

When in Doubt

eleventh hour marled blanket

A few weeks ago, my friend Barbara asked for help adding an i-cord edge to the bulky seed stitch blanket she'd knit for her grandson, a first-year college student. (Purl Soho's Eleventh Hour Marled Blanket) Naturally, I was happy to help. If only it'd been so simple. After following my directions, she wasn't pleased with … Continue reading When in Doubt

Warm Hands and Cookie Traditions

The colorblock hand warmers (Purl Soho pattern, Shibui Staccato yarn) are off the needles, blocked, and ready for...whom? I don't know. I made them because I fell in love with the yarn while treating myself to a gift certificate purchase  (thanks, Jill!) at the amazing Gather Here in Somerville. I'm not thrilled with the thumb … Continue reading Warm Hands and Cookie Traditions

Mitts and Socks

Late last month, Patrick and I joined a couple of cousins at a beautiful and stirring choral concert. The concert -- which had been planned for months and by tragic coincidence occurred one week after the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue -- featured music from Terezín Concentration Camp and a new composition, Anne Frank: … Continue reading Mitts and Socks

Porch knitting

As the rain passed and the sky began to clear over the White Mountains, we spent a lovely hour or so of our anniversary weekend on the hotel's big front porch. About a dozen or so people sat in the white Adirondack chairs, in small groups or solo, chatting, reading, "phoning," or just sitting. As … Continue reading Porch knitting

Knitting Class: Small but Fierce

After several years of having 6 to 8 knitters around the table at each knitting class, I find myself with two very small sessions this fall. I don't know what accounts for the change, and I'm not taking the lack of enrollment personally (at least most of the time!). What these regular Fearless Knitters lack … Continue reading Knitting Class: Small but Fierce