The Answer to Everything

Apparently the Hitchhiker scarf got its name from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a book that I may have read at some point but have no recollection of. And I certainly don't recall that, in the book, the number 42 is "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything." What's the … Continue reading The Answer to Everything

WIP: Hitchhiker

Having made two pairs of socks with the lovely Game of Thrones-inspired yarns from Bumblebee Acres Farms, I was a sucker for a couple more skeins before they discontinued sales. One here in Brienne of Tarth: Although I don't know the characters, I was pretty sure that the beautiful blues, cream, and slight silvery … Continue reading WIP: Hitchhiker

Hitchhiker on a Train

Yesterday I zipped down to New York City to see Hannah as Katherine/Kate in The Taming of the Shrew at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. As always when I see her perform, I'm awed by her talent. As her mother, I can't help but be biased in my assessment, but she's really good! I took … Continue reading Hitchhiker on a Train

The Mysterious Power of the K-word

I had the great pleasure of attending a party Saturday night to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a friend's "kicking cancer's ass" as the invitation from her husband and daughters said. I'm a firm believer in taking joy in the moment no matter how fleeting -- whether it's a drowsy morning hug with my sweet husband, … Continue reading The Mysterious Power of the K-word

Class time

I've said before how much I enjoy teaching knitting, and my current class is no exception. Once a week, these six intrepid women gather around the table, needles in hand, patterns laid out and personally annotated, and they dive into their projects. Chatting, whispered counting (34, 35 -- damn, I'm supposed to have 36!), an occasional … Continue reading Class time

Late Winter Knitting Classes

After the success and enthusiasm of last fall's class -- from Seema, our intrepid novice, to Judy's first sock -- I'm happy to offer two new classes: one for beginner's and one for intermediate knitters. I sent the following email to about 25 local friends this morning and looking forward to the responses. What's on your … Continue reading Late Winter Knitting Classes

Strange, Sacred Time

The most recent cold snap has broken and the pipes in the second floor bathroom have thawed -- without bursting, again. The contractor from whom we bought our house ran pipes up an uninsulated, exterior wall and didn't add any heat to the bathroom -- duh! We leave the taps and shower dripping and put … Continue reading Strange, Sacred Time