The Answer to Everything

Apparently the Hitchhiker scarf got its name from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a book that I may have read at some point but have no recollection of. And I certainly don't recall that, in the book, the number 42 is "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything." What's the … Continue reading The Answer to Everything

WIP: Hitchhiker

Having made two pairs of socks with the lovely Game of Thrones-inspired yarns from Bumblebee Acres Farms, I was a sucker for a couple more skeins before they discontinued sales. One here in Brienne of Tarth: Although I don't know the characters, I was pretty sure that the beautiful blues, cream, and slight silvery … Continue reading WIP: Hitchhiker

Hitchhiker on a Train

Yesterday I zipped down to New York City to see Hannah as Katherine/Kate in The Taming of the Shrew at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. As always when I see her perform, I'm awed by her talent. As her mother, I can't help but be biased in my assessment, but she's really good! I took … Continue reading Hitchhiker on a Train

The Mysterious Power of the K-word

I had the great pleasure of attending a party Saturday night to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a friend's "kicking cancer's ass" as the invitation from her husband and daughters said. I'm a firm believer in taking joy in the moment no matter how fleeting -- whether it's a drowsy morning hug with my sweet husband, … Continue reading The Mysterious Power of the K-word

Class time

I've said before how much I enjoy teaching knitting, and my current class is no exception. Once a week, these six intrepid women gather around the table, needles in hand, patterns laid out and personally annotated, and they dive into their projects. Chatting, whispered counting (34, 35 -- damn, I'm supposed to have 36!), an occasional … Continue reading Class time

Late Winter Knitting Classes

After the success and enthusiasm of last fall's class -- from Seema, our intrepid novice, to Judy's first sock -- I'm happy to offer two new classes: one for beginner's and one for intermediate knitters. I sent the following email to about 25 local friends this morning and looking forward to the responses. What's on your … Continue reading Late Winter Knitting Classes

Strange, Sacred Time

The most recent cold snap has broken and the pipes in the second floor bathroom have thawed -- without bursting, again. The contractor from whom we bought our house ran pipes up an uninsulated, exterior wall and didn't add any heat to the bathroom -- duh! We leave the taps and shower dripping and put … Continue reading Strange, Sacred Time

Know What’s Fast? Arm Knitting (seriously)

Inspired by Skye, an extraordinary young girl at the Friday knitting group at JP Knit & Stitch, and by a recent Wall Street Journal article and video, I decided to try something new. As we sat together on the window seat last week, Skye created this loose, chunky, oh-so-soft scarf. Totally intrigued, I bought a … Continue reading Know What’s Fast? Arm Knitting (seriously)

Quick, sparkly, frilly

My mom's knitting group friend, Barbara, was right when she told me that Triana Lux would knit up quickly. Only 5 "stitches" wide, it's a very short trip back and forth on the needles. As I noted previously, the yarn is more like a fishing net than traditional yarn. Since the loops are a set … Continue reading Quick, sparkly, frilly

Something novel

When it comes to yarn, I'm pretty conservative, so I was surprised at my recent purchase of a skein of the kinda crazy Triana Lux by Katia. Described as a "novelty, mesh yarn," it's reminiscent of a fishing net. You work only with the top series of loops, leaving the rest of the "net" hanging. … Continue reading Something novel

My Kind of Scarf

Many of the beginning knitters I've taught think their first project should be a scarf, more often than not, a basic garter stitch scarf.  I generally counsel them against this, pointing out that scarves are really, really long and can get veeeeery boring very fast. I've written about moving beyond scarves before. I might suggest … Continue reading My Kind of Scarf

Knitting on Deadline

One of my favorite sayings, courtesy of a college friend who often finished her papers in the wee hours of the morning, is "Pressure makes diamonds."  Some of us work well under pressure; others don't.  I'm somewhere in between -- deadlines are motivating, but I don't always end up with my best product. I don't … Continue reading Knitting on Deadline

Beyond Scarves: Ideas for a First Knitting Project

When asked what they'd like to make for their first knitting project, many of my students suggest a scarf.  I encourage them to try something else. It's not that I've got something against scarves (in fact, I'm particularly partial to the Noro Stripe).  It's that a scarf takes so darn long to finish.  By the … Continue reading Beyond Scarves: Ideas for a First Knitting Project

Dreaming of Noro Striped Scarf

In my nearly five decades of life, I've learned a few things about myself. Fear not, I won't share them all. Although I consider myself an "in the moment" sort of person, grateful for the many blessings in my life (and there are many) and rarely wishing for something else, I often find myself looking … Continue reading Dreaming of Noro Striped Scarf