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Island Knitting

July 9, 2014

Nearly 30 years ago, my in-laws had the imagination, chutzpah, and foresight to buy an abandoned barn on nearly an acre of land on a lovely island off the coast of Massachusetts. Over the years, they added on rooms in a not quite random, but definitely quirky, fashion: bunk beds built into hallway walls, 4 squeaky beds tucked under the attic eaves. No insulation, no TV, and definitely no air conditioning.

Despite the thin walls, unending number of Daddy Long Leg spiders, and dampness that comes from part of the house being below grade, it’s one of my favorite places on earth. The sea air is wondrous, and the night sky is bright with starlight, except when the fog rolls in and obscures the view.

Berry Hill fingerless mitt

I’m working on my first pair of fingerless mitts: Berry Hill by Liz Thompson. And last week, during a wonderful stretch of days with my sweet Patrick, I popped into the local hospital thrift store and discovered a bag of yarn that was calling out to me. Four skeins plus a bit more for $8.00 — how could I not?





Knits by the sea, by the beautiful sea

June 7, 2013

I love coming across yarnbombs, those surprise public works of knitted art. They’re usually colorful and often whimsical but occasionally political.

Which takes us to North Yorkshire, where Susanne, my friend and college roommate, and her family have been living in England since last fall while she and her husband are on sabbatical. She regularly sends updates of their travels, which recently included a trip to Saltburn-by-the-Sea in North Yorkshire, where a stealthy band of knitters had been at work.

The pier, the beach, the cliffs, and out of sight, a funicular railway.


Visitors on this sunny day discovered treasures along the railing.


Look closer…




Humans too!




Summertime themes:



SaltburnKelp SaltburnJellies

Just look at the details…




Here’s a local report on the fun.

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