The more things change

What is my password to this blog? Is anyone still out there? What have I been doing for the past two years? Some questions just can't be answered. I can -- and do -- live in a space of not knowing. And fortunately, I found my password, which I promptly changed since it was essentially … Continue reading The more things change

All sorts

During what I think was my first visit to another person's home since mid-March, my friend Barbara gave me some wound sock yarn that she no longer wanted. During her sock-making efforts, she hadn't been feeling like the Fearless Knitter she is -- the repeated laddering was vexing her. The ball bands were missing, so … Continue reading All sorts

WIP Wednesday: Patience

When I expressed concern about a recent too-short sock, several readers offered advice for remedying the situation. My decision not to act on any of those suggestions is not a reflection of my sincere appreciation for the tips; it's more a result of my desire to just be finished with the socks. FInished so I … Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Patience

The Thrill of New Yarn

Like most knitters, I love to get new yarn. It can be downright thrilling. Can you relate? Being an introvert and one who thinks a lot about motivation and emotion -- mostly mine but also others' -- I have a theory about why new or stashed* yarn brings such delight. All things are possible with … Continue reading The Thrill of New Yarn

Starting Over with Stripes

Since I loved the Blue Striped Rag self-striping sock yarn so much, I figured I'd use it for a little sweater for a Baby-to-Be coming in a couple months. Lesson learned: self-striping sock yarn really is intended for socks (or maybe sleeves on a baby sweater ) At first, all seemed to be going well … Continue reading Starting Over with Stripes

Mitts and New Knits

When I bought a few skeins of Koigu KPPPM at Flock in late July, I felt justified in straying from my "no new yarn" resolution guiding principle. After all, I'd just finished two projects and certainly deserved a reward, right? Plus it was on sale, so I practically was required to add these lovely skeins … Continue reading Mitts and New Knits

But It Was On Sale

I haven't bought any much yarn in the past six months or so, which I consider a feat of enormous willpower. The Hayfield Baby Blossom DK doesn't really count because baby yarn isn't a regular part of my stash, and I can't not knit a gift for a future member of my extended family. Besides, … Continue reading But It Was On Sale