This Month's Socks

Despite the title of this post, I'm not aiming for the Sock of the Month club. But regular readers know that I've just about always got a sock on my needles. I started my latest pair -- the first of 2020 -- on January 2 while on the first leg of the return from our … Continue reading This Month's Socks

Help Needed for Too-Short Sock

So I've got a bit of a sock dilemma. I made the leg of the first Lord Varys sock too short. The most likely reason is that I was sick of checking the pattern chart each round and wanted to get to the heel -- my favorite part of any sock. Don't misunderstand: I'm pleased … Continue reading Help Needed for Too-Short Sock

WIP Wednesday: Not What You Expect

Work in Progress (WIP) is shorthand among crafters for a current project, something that you're knitting, sewing, painting, making. The understanding in sharing updates on WIPs is that progress is being made -- that you're another step or so closer to finishing. #WIPWednesday is a chance to share such progress -- for example, a sock … Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Not What You Expect

GoT Socks?

I'm not a convert to toe-up socks, but learning several new techniques -- and practicing my ripping out and reknitting skills -- made the Frasier Fir Socks worth the effort. The tree (or is it a branch?) detail along the leg is particularly charming. I may incorporate it into a hat some day -- or … Continue reading GoT Socks?

Student Socks

If you've been reading this blog for even a short while, you know how much I enjoy teaching others how to knit. And I really love when my students -- who by now are friends -- send photos of their latests projects. Like me, Judy spends a lot of time with her elderly parents, often … Continue reading Student Socks

Striped Socks in Pairs

I don't set New Year's resolutions, knitting or otherwise. Occasionally, I'll send an intention, often vague, into the universe -- "try not to worry so much" or "live more mindfully" or "don't buy new yarn until you've used at least as much from your stash." Just kidding about that last one. But even though I've … Continue reading Striped Socks in Pairs

Scrolling with Socks

When I finished the helix striped hat, I realized that I didn't have another project ready to cast on. This shouldn't have been a surprise since I'm the one who decides. I knew I hadn't selected what to make next, but somehow, I was a tad surprised. Go figure. So I did what I usually … Continue reading Scrolling with Socks