First Sock Thrills

I've written before about the thrill that comes from knitting your first sock, but it never gets old -- at least, not for me, even as an observer. I love watching a knitter create a heel flap and, round by round, make a gusset, and then catch her breath as she works the foot before … Continue reading First Sock Thrills

Student Socks

If you've been reading this blog for even a short while, you know how much I enjoy teaching others how to knit. And I really love when my students -- who by now are friends -- send photos of their latests projects. Like me, Judy spends a lot of time with her elderly parents, often … Continue reading Student Socks

My Work Here is Done

Have you ever heard an interview with a teacher of someone who's being honored for a big accomplishment-- like winning a Nobel Prize or an Academy Award -- and the teacher marvels at the former student's achievements? That's what I felt like when Marcia, my friend, neighbor, and former knitting student, showed me her nearly-complete … Continue reading My Work Here is Done

Knitting Across Generations

I didn't hesitate when my friend Jen texted to ask if I could help her daughter finish a blanket she'd knitted. She was returning to college in a couple of days and wanted to mail it off to a friend who could use some TLC from a long-distance buddy. While I didn't know what pattern … Continue reading Knitting Across Generations

Fiddly Sticks

I'm a big fan and regular user of double-pointed needles (DPNs), especially for socks because then I don't need stitch markers, but I completely understand how daunting they can appear to knitters and non-knitters alike. "Fiddly" is the word I use when explaining DPN use to my knitting students. To be sure I'm using it … Continue reading Fiddly Sticks

New Knitter Pride

Some WIPs (works in progress) on a Wednesday: Not all of the students in my Knit 101 class are true novices, but every month or so, a brand new knitter walks through the door. Chris and Justin are the most recent, each with their own motivations for learning a new craft. Ten-year old Chris arrived … Continue reading New Knitter Pride

First Mittens

Although already a competent knitter, Jeanne joined the Knitting 101 class at Stitch House a few weeks ago, accompanying friend Jean, a true novice. She's a terrific cheerleader for Jean, giving her tips and encouragement as she created her first project: a Wham Bam Thank You Lamb neck warmer. Jeanne arrived at last Saturday's class … Continue reading First Mittens

Exuberant Girls with Yarn & Needles

Have I mentioned recently how much I enjoy teaching knitting? Oh, I have? Maybe a couple or few times? Well, I'll say it again. Every Thursday afternoon since early January, I've been teaching fourth- and fifth-grade girls from a local after-school program how to knit. There's never a dull moment in what is definitely the … Continue reading Exuberant Girls with Yarn & Needles

Fearless Knitter Finished Objects

In November, I started teaching a Knit 101 class at Stitch House, one of Boston's lovely local yarn stores (LYS). Starting at 9:00 on Saturday mornings, a group of about six or eight new knitters gather around the table for learning, creating, sharing, and only occasionally, cursing. The students include sisters, ages 7 and 9, … Continue reading Fearless Knitter Finished Objects

How to Light a Fire Under a Knitter

Most of my afternoon knitting sessions with tween girls consist of a lively mix of joke telling, spontaneous singing and dancing, high volume stories of school, sports, and friends, and occasional knitting. I'll often knit a row or round for every one they knit. However, this week, I unconsciously threw down the knitting gauntlet (after all, … Continue reading How to Light a Fire Under a Knitter

Bike Rack Yarn Bomb

With all the rain we've been having this month, I'd been keeping my fingers crossed that nothing would be falling from the sky during my knitting girls' field trip to install their yarn bomb. Fortunately, the bike rack that we wrapped was in a shady spot since Mother Nature gifted us a hot (93F, 34C) sunny … Continue reading Bike Rack Yarn Bomb

Nothing like finishing

Each Friday, I spend 90 minutes with 7 or 8 fourth grade girls at a nearby after-school program. I'm there to teach knitting, but mostly I just try to keep up with their questions, energy, anxieties, and aspirations. "Help! I messed up! Oh wait, never mind." "I want to knit slippers. How many stitches should … Continue reading Nothing like finishing

Knitting Class in Newton, MA

No matter how old I am, September will always be back-to-school time (at least, here in the Northern Hemisphere). Regular readers will know how much I love to teach knitting since I’ve mentioned it now and again (and again…). My new fall classes are enrolling now here in lovely Newton, MA. Care to join? Would […]

Girls Who Knit

For the past few weeks, I've been spending Monday afternoons teaching knitting to eight girls at a local after-school program. It's the most high-energy 90 minutes of my week! As always when I teach new knitters, a first lesson is to spot and then fix mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable, and if you can't fix them, you're more likely … Continue reading Girls Who Knit

Knitting Class: Small but Fierce

After several years of having 6 to 8 knitters around the table at each knitting class, I find myself with two very small sessions this fall. I don't know what accounts for the change, and I'm not taking the lack of enrollment personally (at least most of the time!). What these regular Fearless Knitters lack … Continue reading Knitting Class: Small but Fierce

Isn’t That Cozy?!

Fearless Knitter Rachel, she of the lovely chromatic cowl among other projects, emailed recently to show off her knitted tea cozy.  Knit in the round in garter stitch (I think), it's bright, snug, and sure to keep your teapot warm.  Rachel's from England so she knows tea. Looking for a gift to knit for a … Continue reading Isn’t That Cozy?!

Foxy Knits: Update from Class

ears knit separately and placed on fox hood cowl

Christy joined my knitting class this fall and is making an adorable hood for one of her daughters. The Failyn Fox Cowl is knit with two strands of bulky yarn and has provided Christy with several opportunities to learn new techniques. For example, knitting in the round and, as you can see, seaming. The ears are … Continue reading Foxy Knits: Update from Class

Back to (Knitting) Class

No matter how old I am, September will always be back-to-school time (at least, here in the Northern Hemisphere). Regular readers will know how much I love to teach knitting since I’ve mentioned it now and again (and again…). My new fall classes are enrolling now here in lovely Newton, MA. Care to join? Would … Continue reading Back to (Knitting) Class

Knitting House Call

I Knit or Dye yarn "At Last" in Swizzel

On a recent evening, Marcia -- neighbor, friend, and knitting student (among other talents) -- dropped by for a house call. She had a couple of skeins of lovely yarn that needed winding, and she needed a scarf-in-progress that was in need of rescue. Like me, Marcia often visits local yarn stores when she travels, … Continue reading Knitting House Call

Two Girls, Two Knitted Tubes

Longtime readers have heard how much I love to teach knitting. This year, I've expanded my students to include three marvelous pre-teen girls, each a Fearless Knitter in her own right. At our most recent class, L finished the garter stitch hat that she'd knitted with a rainbow of Noro. She had declared her previous … Continue reading Two Girls, Two Knitted Tubes