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WIP Wednesday: Log Cabin for Baby

April 17, 2019

Since it’s now too big to be a traveling project, the Log Cabin Throw hasn’t been getting much attention lately. Every day, I tuck my latest sock into my bag as I head to Mom’s home and spend at least a few hours knitting.

She’ll often knit her latest garter stitch scarf or will putter about the apartment or go through the mail. Like many things in her life these days, the mail is both a burden and a routine that brings consistency to her otherwise confusing world.

Although it’s nearly all fundraising appeals, she often reads each piece, not comprehending much of it, before either tearing it into small pieces for recycling or “responding” by placing the appeal letter into the reply envelope and tracing the stamp location with an orange marker.

I remind myself often these days that many of her actions are her way of exerting control over what she can control, even if the action doesn’t really make much sense to me.

The intended recipient of the Log Cabin Throw was born about 10 days ago. I have it from very good sources that he is absolutely lovely. Hannah, who held him in his second day of life, declared him “flawless.”

He’s got lots of growing to do, and the throw, modeled here in the cool spring sunshine, will get there eventually.

Throw Down & Done!

April 8, 2015

There’s such a thrill to finishing a knitting project. What a wonder to see hundreds (usually thousands) of stitches, formed one by one, that become a one-of-a-kind creation. That’s part of the delight for me, something I try to convey to my knitting students — you’ve created something beautiful with sticks needles, string yarn, and your own skill, patience, and perseverance.

Regardless of the item created — a cotton washcloth, a pair of socks, a lace shawl, a scarf or cowl — and regardless of the various mistakes that occurred along the way (most of which were corrected but some may remain in the finished piece as “design elements”),  each is unique, beautiful, and made by YOU!

Which brings us to Kathy and her Crate & Barrel Throw, completed in yesterday’s class — all bound (binded?) off and ends woven in. The photo doesn’t do the throw justice — it’s soft (knit with 2 strands of lovely heathered gray wool) and has just the right amount of heft for cuddling under on the couch (while curling up with knitting, of course!).

Kathy Shows Off Finished Knit Crate & Barrel Throw

One of the other things that makes finishing a knitting project so enjoyable? Thinking about your next project!

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