Sock Season

Michael played his last basketball game of the season today, so my days of knitting from the bleachers in a warm gym are over for now. Given the elusiveness of springtime warmth, I think it'll be a while before I'm knitting from the sidelines of a lacrosse field. Special thanks to Kevin who held up … Continue reading Sock Season

Oh The Places You’ll Knit

One of the aspects of knitting that I love is its portability. Most projects can be stuffed into a bag, ready to be pulled out whenever you have a bit of time and, for me at least, when your body will be stationary. Movement and knitting don't work so well for me! Think you don't … Continue reading Oh The Places You’ll Knit

Sock Travels

While you could hardly say that I lead a jet set life, I've had my share of short, turn-around flights over the past few years. Most were work-related as I traveled between Boston and Philadelphia to a client, generally flying down and back in the same day although sometimes with an overnight. Since I finished … Continue reading Sock Travels

Bit by Bit & an Amazing Dress

WIth my renewed commitment to more knitting and more regular blogging, I've been exploring ways to fit these two pleasures into my day. Knitting at work kind of defeats the purpose of work. It's not quite¬†at all legit to charge clients for time when, in fact, you're not really doing the agreed-upon work.¬†Although it looks … Continue reading Bit by Bit & an Amazing Dress

Coming Together Quite Nicely

Once I'd learned how to align the two-colored hexagons in the Illusion Cube blanket, the sewing together progressed pretty steadily and easily. I'd sit and sew a bit, then stuff the whole thing into my bag until the next time. I'd grab my bag when I left the house, just in case I found myself … Continue reading Coming Together Quite Nicely