Sweet Tradition Belatedly

If I were an Orthodox Christian, this post would be just about on time, but I’m not. And it isn’t. But, as I ask myself regularly, “who’s keeping score?” With no children at home and Patrick on a chocolate-free kick, it was only the day before Easter that I pulled out the basket, hollow plastic … Continue reading Sweet Tradition Belatedly

Warm Hands and Cookie Traditions

The colorblock hand warmers (Purl Soho pattern, Shibui Staccato yarn) are off the needles, blocked, and ready for...whom? I don't know. I made them because I fell in love with the yarn while treating myself to a gift certificate purchase  (thanks, Jill!) at the amazing Gather Here in Somerville. I'm not thrilled with the thumb … Continue reading Warm Hands and Cookie Traditions

Traditions and travels

The house is quiet again as Kevin and Michael left this morning via plane and car after being home for the past few days. As is my tradition, I baked the lamb cake, using the metal mold bought by my Mom more than 60 years ago in Boston's North End. I tweaked the recipe a … Continue reading Traditions and travels

Christmas Presence Redux

Can it really be six years since I wrote my Christmas Presence post?! So much has changed since then, but the essence remains. Michael, now 18, commented last week that he hasn't really felt in the Christmas spirit this year. Perhaps it's because he's been focusing on college applications, senior year schoolwork, getting to know … Continue reading Christmas Presence Redux

Pardon the Interruption

We (that's the royal "we") interrupt the usual knitting stuff for a brief baking interlude. I've written before about the pre-Christmas traditions in my home -- the Advent wreath on the table, lights in the windows, the creche above the fireplace, the Advent calendars (usually two) that hang in the kitchen, and baking St. Nicholas … Continue reading Pardon the Interruption