Another Epic Rally

Turns out that Chris and Karen's overnight visit to Nantucket, followed by a 12-hour journey home to Northern Virginia, was just the first travel rally of our vacation. [Note: neither Patrick nor I participated in either rally. We're supporters only.] Months ago, Hannah and her squad of four NYC Sister-Friends had synced their work schedules … Continue reading Another Epic Rally

Socks on a train

Has anyone seen June? It was just here, but now it's gone! Patrick and I had a marvelous weekend in New York City, the highlight of which was seeing Hannah perform in her first cabaret. More on that in a future post. For today, here's the start of Monkey Sock #2, heading east along southern … Continue reading Socks on a train

Slow Yoga (Sock Version)

Part of what I love about knitting is the opportunity to try something new -- a new stitch pattern, like entrelac, or a new technique, like putting in a lifeline and ripping back to fix a mistake. A year or so ago, a pattern for yoga socks caught my eye. I'm a big fan of … Continue reading Slow Yoga (Sock Version)

LYS visit: Fibre Space

During our visit to Alexandria and Washington earlier this month, I slipped away for an hour to visit Fibre Space, just a few blocks from Chris and Karen's. The first clue that this is not an ordinary local yarn store can be found outside, where several sheep and a yarn-bombed bicycle mingle on the brick … Continue reading LYS visit: Fibre Space

Back to the Old Stomping Grounds

I'm regularly surprised by how long it's been since we moved from the Washington, DC, area. I know, I know, "surprising" probably isn't the right word if I keep doing it, but really -- 21 years?! We've been fortunate to maintain friendships by visiting once a year or so and seeing friends whose travels take … Continue reading Back to the Old Stomping Grounds

Socks on the Beach

"That's so unlike you!" was the response from each of our children when we told them of our four-day trip to Florida. But January's deep freeze had us planning for a warm weather get-away, and as luck would have it, we were away for a ferocious Nor'easter. As usual, Patrick was first into the ocean. … Continue reading Socks on the Beach

Fiber Arts from Morning to Late Night

Despite its size, I find New York a remarkably easy city to navigate. Walking and the much maligned MTA subway were are sole modes of transportation this weekend. Keeping to my daily routine, I headed out from our hotel in Downtown Brooklyn for a solo walk early Saturday morning. After a mile or so, I … Continue reading Fiber Arts from Morning to Late Night

Weekend in the Big Apple

There's much I miss about not having any children living at home (at least, most of the time), but being able to easily plan a weekend away isn't one of them. Yesterday afternoon, Patrick and I hopped in the car and drove a few hours to Stamford, CT where we left the car and boarded … Continue reading Weekend in the Big Apple

It’s Been a Minute

When a knitting project gets too big for travel, it's time to knit socks.

Too Big for Travel Knitting

I'm doing a fair bit of air travel this summer, flying down to Washington DC every week for a couple of days with a new client. Even though the good folks at JetBlue provide free in-flight wifi, making it easy to keep up with online work, there's still a fair bit of "down time" -- … Continue reading Too Big for Travel Knitting

How do other people do this?

Regular readers and those who know me "beyond the blog" know that knitting helps keep me balanced. I love the creativity and challenge, but the repetition and focus help to quiet my mind -- and I'm convinced, make me a better person. I love having something to concentrate on -- to do -- during life's … Continue reading How do other people do this?

Wash and dry knits

Via my wonderful friend Cathie, a lesson in the resourcefulness of knitters and the durability of knitting. Picture this: Skilled attorney, frequent flyer, intrepid knitter Cathie in the airport lounge where she's passing the time during yet another Air Canada flight delay. Cup of coffee and suitcase by her side. In a perfect example of the domino … Continue reading Wash and dry knits

Sock Travels

While you could hardly say that I lead a jet set life, I've had my share of short, turn-around flights over the past few years. Most were work-related as I traveled between Boston and Philadelphia to a client, generally flying down and back in the same day although sometimes with an overnight. Since I finished … Continue reading Sock Travels