Update from the Knitting Classroom

My knitting students have started the New Year with burst of energy. Look at these finished creations...

Class time

I've said┬ábefore how much I enjoy teaching knitting, and my current class is no exception. Once a week, these six intrepid women gather around the table, needles in hand, patterns laid out and personally annotated, and they dive into their projects. Chatting, whispered counting (34, 35 -- damn, I'm supposed to have 36!), an occasional … Continue reading Class time

Lemons into Lemonade (in a knitting sort of way)

Friend Rachel, who's one of the students in my knitting class, had nearly finished binding off her cotton "butterfly" washcloth when she encountered an extra loopy stitch. You know, the last stitch of a row that can be a bit wonky, the one that can leave you with an extra bump after binding off. Demonstrating … Continue reading Lemons into Lemonade (in a knitting sort of way)

WTF does WYIF mean?

Several of the students in my knitting class want to learn how to read a pattern, so I've started them off on a delightful cotton washcloth. Washcloths are great first project because (1) there's a high probability you will finish (unlike a scarf which can be interminable), and (2) they provide ample opportunity for learning … Continue reading WTF does WYIF mean?