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Fun Time at Farm to Fiber Festival

February 14, 2018

Last weekend, Fearless Knitter Judy and I spent a couple of hours at the first-ever (maybe first annual) Boston Farm & Fiber Festival, a celebration of local (or regional, as in New England) farmers, yarn, dyers, spinners, knitters, and makers. I couldn’t possible capture the wonderful wooly-ness of the event, but I’ll do my best with a few photos and Instagram videos.

Blue Heron Farm in Vermont brought hundreds of skeins of their gorgeous organic yarn and project bags.


As we paused to admire and fondle the naturally dyed New England yarn at Upton Yarns’ table, founder and owner Sarah was just pulling out her phone to multi-task.


As Sarah says on her Instagram profile (which you should follow for the love of all that is wooly), she was “previously an engineer on a small cruise ship [and] these days [works] on an Antarctic research vessel.” How can anyone say that knitters are boring?!

My beloved home state of Maine was represented well by Seacolors Yarnery,  with its naturally dyed yarn and exquisitely soft woven blankets (pretty sure they’re still having a sale) and by Mindful Folk Farm.


I could have watched for hours as children patted and marveled at these two lovelies from Wing and a Prayer Farm

Given that I was surrounded by loads of gorgeous yarn — I mean, just looks at all this —  you’re probably thinking that we came home with bags of goodies.


I’m somewhat chagrined to say that I bought nothing (except for a delicious hot popover to keep up my strength). I had my mind set on a skein of soft bulky yarn for a cowl, and the only bulky available was a bit too coarse. I could easily have bought hundreds or even thousands of yards of organic fingering or worsted, but I’ve got plenty of that in my stash.

Is it possible to have non-buyer’s remorse?


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