The Game of “Bind-off Chicken”

Anyone who's been knitting for a while knows the feeling: you're nearly done your project and you're nearly out of yarn. Will the yarn last? Or will you be forced to rip out a row or round or make a trip to the yarn in search of one more skein. With each stitch you bind … Continue reading The Game of “Bind-off Chicken”

A Knitter’s Christmas…Every Month

Like every knitter I know, buying yarn is one of my favorite activities. Actually shopping for yarn -- looking, fondling, planning, dreaming of wondrous projects -- is enjoyable in and of itself. With a new skein of beautiful merino or handpainted sock yarn, the possibilities are nearly endless. Imagine my delight when my sweet husband … Continue reading A Knitter’s Christmas…Every Month

A Knitter at Heart

My sister-friend Liz and I have been friends for more than four decades. We grew up together in central Maine and now are fortunate enough to live about 1.5 miles from each other. We have a walking date every Wednesday morning at 6:00am -- and we go out year-round, which in New England means in … Continue reading A Knitter at Heart

Running Short

You know that feeling when you do a quick mental-visual calculation and realize that the yarn you need is greater than the yarn you have? Yeah, that. While knitting with the good women of the midday Friday group at JP Knit & Stitch, I suddenly realized that I would a few yards short of the … Continue reading Running Short

More than Buttons

Finished the wee baby sweater (Puerperium Cardigan) except for the buttons and figured I'd pop into Webs on the way out of Northampton, arriving 10 minutes before it closed, so I'd be forced to make a quick choice and then be done. I arrived thinking the store closed at 5 but discovered closing time was … Continue reading More than Buttons

Socks – finally!

Before I'd knit a lace shawl, I had that on my to-do list of things I'd need to make in order to consider myself a "real" knitter. (I know, I know -- there's no knitting scorecard or knitting police who keep track of these things. I readily admit it's all in my own head.) The … Continue reading Socks – finally!

The Best Laid Plans

I'm nothing if not flexible. While planning for our annual August get-away to my in-laws quirky, somewhat rustic island home (no TV or internet but a lovely 1960s rotary phone attached to wall), I was very much looking forward to making lots of progress on the Every Way Wrap. After the slow-going, lace Cleite shawl, … Continue reading The Best Laid Plans