Knits and Votes

As has been my practice the past several years, I spent much of Election Day working at a nearby polling place. Turnout was strong because of the presidential primary — Massachusetts is one of the Super Tuesday primaries — and a local ballot referendum.

Being a big fan of democracy and the right — and privilege — of voting, I was pleased that the poll workers were so busy. Of course, I was glad for the lulls interspersed throughout the day and evening because it gave me the chance to knit!

brightly colored knit sock on double-pointed needles

This is the Vanilla Latte Sock, knit from top-down, with an Eye of Partridge Heel (my fave). I don’t know who’ll be the recipient, but I’d best decide soon since I need to figure out how long to make the foot.

The On the Grass sweater is coming along nicely although I confess to getting a bit bored with the double seed stitch. I know it’ll be lovely when it’s done. It just feels like a lot, which makes sense because it is!

A woman working next to me at the polling place commented that she couldn’t knit because all she can do is the knit and the purl stitch. Dude, I exclaimed, that’s pretty much all you need to know! (or words to that effect)

With what was likely for enthusiasm than she bargained for, I explained that this squishy double seed stitch is a combination of knit and purl stitches. And that ribbing around the collar? Yup! It’s also a combination (of course, a different combo) of knit and purl stitches. I’m not sure I convinced her to try again, but she seemed intrigued by the possibility.

Long-time readers may recall the community yarn bombing that I took part in a few years ago with some of my elementary school knitting students. Earlier this week, I passed by the bike rack and discovered it’s a bit worse for the wear (and tear). Three years of New England weather will do that. Perhaps an update is in order — my next WIP, perhaps?

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